Cold War relics in Lithuania

Vyko: 2019 August 17 - November 17 d.

Only during this tour you will have the opportunity to see and touch the former Cold War Soviet extremely secret objects in Lithuania. All objects are authentic, none of them are restored or adapted for civilization needs. You will also have an opportunity to find authentic artifacts, sense the dangerous part of Lithuanian history or even in some places see how Soviet army soldiers lived.

Objects you will visit*:
1. The signal battalion for serving the missile launching facility;
2. Missile launching facility depot and derelict military village;
3. Underground nuclear warheads assembly workshop.

ATTENTION!!! This tour is extreme and all objects are abandoned, so please dress up properly! We will put maximum effort to ensure your safety, but please always look after yourself!

*All object visit depends on their current situation and if it’s safe to visit them. But if one object is not possible to visit, it will be change into something, equally interesting!

Everyone during our trip can buy additional Soviet Gas mask, for special trip participants price – 5 EUR! If you want to buy more then one gas mask, please write us and we will bring as much as you want 😉

If you have any questions just write to us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Trip organised under certificate No. 14559 issued by Lithuanian state department of tourism to conduct travel services inside Lithuania.

How many registrations there are each date
Trip date: Available seats:
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