About us

What is Youth Leisure Network?

Youth Leisure Network (short JLT) – is a travel organization that brings together young and active people, with an aim to offer a range of nowhere other seen leisure activities for all the thrill seekers!

Biggest value of the organization – always and everywhere together! In each trip, hike or event we will be experiencing all the surprises, adventures and new discoveries every minute, which will be waiting for all of us. If it seems that life should be more active, fresher and something is missing, maybe it’s time to take a step forward, as Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Finally, this step will help you meet various new people and come back with a heart, full of the best memories.

Our organization never stands still and constantly moves forward. We are always searching for new and energetic team members. So if you want to see the world from a different side, arrange interesting events or trips, and you are determined to experience unexpected, Youth Leisure Network team will warmly welcome you to our family.

In addition to all the leisure activities and to ensure the rise of service quality in 2016 Youth Leisure Network have implemented 2 projects, which were partially supported by Kaunas City Municipality program – Initiatives for Kaunas!


1. Create opportunities to discover unseen Lithuania, promote tolerance and interculturalism concept, by inspiring development of local communities.
2. Encourage steady growth and development for young people by providing all the necessary tools in areas where they feel the strongest.
3. Strengthen and grow all international citizens coming to Lithuania, students or trainees (interns) integration into Lithuanian community, by raising awareness of local culture.
4. Create ways for active Thrill seekers discover all activities from a local perspective, presenting unseen and new places.


Unite all young people and give them the opportunities to contribute of implementing new entertainment and leisure ideas. Later presenting them to everyone and spreading the idea of “Youth Leisure by Youth”. Create conditions for foreign citizens, students or trainees (interns) to integrate into local community, by presenting Lithuania and other Baltic states using leisure activities. Offer ways to discover neighbor countries from a local perspective by presenting unseen and new places.


Youth Leisure Network – Organization that unites bold and goal seeking people, who are capable to adapt their life gained knowledge at any given possibility. In the work process, dynamic space is created in which effective learning, intercultural awareness and steady growth is always presented.

Our Team

Tomas Tamulevičius
Founder & CEO
Aidas Masaitis
Development manager
Sanket Gaba
Project "Let's Talk" coordinator