Flight over Vilnius/Trakai

Vyko: 2016 September 17 - 17 d.

Have you ever wondered what Trakai or beautiful Lithuanian nature looks from way up in the skies? Did you wanted to bring back home memories of Lithuanian from completely different perspective? At Youth Leisure Network with huge excitement we want to say, that all the possibilities are now available!

In this upcoming event we are bringing professional flying experience, by presenting two possible routes that you can choose:
> First route would consist flying over the outskirts of Vilnius. During it, you will able to experience the joy of fight and see how Lithuanian nature looks like way from the skies. Flight will take around 10 minutes.
> Second route brings a possibility to fly over Trakai and experience Lithuanian history by seeing the beautiful Trakai castle and the city from birds eye perspective. Flight will take around 30 minutes.

UPDATE: For the request from our friends at the airfield, the trip is moved to 17th of September.

If you will have any questions just write to us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Trip is organised under certificate No. 14559 issued by Lithuanian state department of tourism to conduct travel services inside Lithuania.

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