NATO Air Force police mission in Lithuania

Vyko: 2017 October 18 - November 22 d.

For more then 10 years Baltic countries are protected by specially created – NATO Air Force police mission. From 3 Baltic sisters, Lithuania is a special place, as half of NATO Aircrafts that are participating in the mission are situated in Lithuanian Air Force base, near Šiauliai!
As this is an active military base, it’s usually closed for civilians, but sometimes excursions in the base are held… With huge excitement, we are inviting to join and discover the NATO Air Force police mission! 🙂

This mission is interesting as every half of year air force of a different NATO country switches to protect Baltic countries.

During this trip you will be able:
1. Visit active aviation military base;
2. Meet military personnel and ask them questions, that you were searching for answers;
3. See and maybe even touch operational military jets;
4. At the end of the trip, discover Šiauliai city 😉

Main information:
>> Trip will be conducted on Wednesday (it’s the only day military personnel let’s in civilians);
>> It will last almost all day, as we will start our journeys from Kaunas and Vilnius, reach the base and have the excursion;
>> Excursion will last around 2 hours;
>> After the excursion we will go to Šiauliai center and have there a small tour of the city.
>> Due to submit all the needed papers registration closes 10 days before the trip day. Everyone who will register later, won’t be able participate in that date trip.

REQUIREMENT: As this is an active military base, they have really strict rules. So after you register, we will contact you and you will have to provide your ID numbers, that will be later given to the base personnel. Most importantly – don’t forget your ID to the trip!!!

Everyone during our trip can buy additional Military Gas mask, for special trip participants price – 5 EUR! 
If you want to buy more then one gas mask, please write us and we will bring as much as you want😉

More information about the NATO Air Force police mission – WIKIPEDIA

If you will have any questions just write to us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Trip organised under certificate No. 14559 issued by Lithuanian state department of tourism to conduct travel services inside Lithuania.

How many now registrations there are each day
Trip date: Available seats:
2017.10.18 Over 8
2017.11.22 Over 8
You want to participate on some other day? Not a problem! Just contact us using our Contact form or and we will arrange everything 🙂

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