Vyko: 2019 August 31 - October 05 d.

And You will understand why birds are singing and skydivers are smiling!

Tandem skydiving is unquestionably the safest way to experience skydiving for the first time. After a few minutes of instruction, you can experience exhilarating free fall with an instructor and enjoy the breathtaking views of Lithuanian landscape as you gently descend to earth together. A tandem skydive is also the quickest and easiest way to feel the thrill of free fall from 3000 meters and at over 200 kilometers per hour (120 miles per hour), while securely attached to and under supervision of one of our highly experienced instructors.

And of course, during the jump all the moments will be captured by GoPro attached to instructors hand. Safely landed on the ground, you can check out the videos, but if you want to take them home it will be extra 18 EUR to Main price. You can always go extra and jump with a camera man at the same time! Who knows, maybe You will find Your new hobby for life!

On the ground You will be met with a diploma to be able to proudly tell that now You know why birds are singing and skydivers are ALWAYS smiling!

If you have any questions just write to us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Trip is organised under certificate No. 14559 issued by Lithuanian state department of tourism to conduct travel services inside Lithuania.

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You want to participate on some other day? Not a problem! Just contact us using our Contact form or and we will arrange everything 🙂

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