Get Wild at Tarzanija

Vyko: 2019 September 29 - 29 d.

Did you ever wanted to get WILD? If YES, Youth Leisure Network invites all of you to go crazy and to Get Wild at Tarzanija! 🙂
Tarzanija is one of the largest adventure parks not only in Lithuania, but in the whole Baltic region. It’s surrounded by amazing pine forests, mysterious cliffs, various old trees on the banks of the Nemunas river near Alytus city.
In the park you will be able to experience 7 routes, situated high in forest trees and to top everything up –  prepare for the longest, 400 meters flight over Nemunas river! 

But this is not everything! During the trip we will invite everyone to take part in experiencing the one and only “Drift” karts! Yes, you read correctly you will go not on simple karts, but on specially designed Drift karts, where you will be able to show your drifting moves. And and the end of the day, before going home, you will experience flying going down a hill into enormous air bag. Trust us, some air time is a guarantee! 

What will you experience in this trip:
>> Driving in special “Drift” karts. Duration around 1 hour;
>> 7 different tracks in Tarzanija and flying over Nemunas river. Duration around 3 hours;
>> Going down the hill into enormous air bag, where you will experience some flying!
>> Amazing people and memories! 🙂

If you have any questions just write to us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Trip is organised under certificate No. 14559 issued by Lithuanian state department of tourism to conduct travel services inside Lithuania.

How many registrations there are for each date
Trip date: Available seats:
2019.09.29 Over 8
You want to participate on some other day? Not a problem! Just contact us using our Contact form or and we will arrange everything 🙂

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