Trips and activities for Open Group

Life in Soviet bunker

2020 March 29d. - 2020 March 29d.

25 kilometers away from Vilnius, 5 meters below the ground, and you find yourself in the USSR. Here you will see the first in the world Underground Museum of Socialism and travel back in time, becoming a citizen of a totalitarian state.


2020 May 23d. - 2020 October 1d.

And You will understand why birds are singing and skydivers are smiling! How? All the answer only joining our trip! 🙂

4×4 Safari

2020 March 28d. - 2020 August 31d.

Tired of exploring Lithuania through the window of the bus? We want to offer You a solution! We offer an exclusive chance to explore Ukmergė region manors and forests while driving a Quad Bike! You can take part in this as a driver or as a co-driver.

Cold War relics in Lithuania

2020 February 15d. - 2020 October 1d.

During this tour you will have the opportunity to see and touch the former Cold War Soviet extremely secret objects in Lithuania. All objects are authentic, none of them are restored or adapted for civilization needs.

Get Wild at Tarzanija

2020 May 16d. - 2020 May 16d.

Did you ever wanted to get WILD? If YES, Youth Leisure Network invites all of you go crazy and to Get Wild at Tarzanija! 🙂

Legendary weapons shooting adventure

2020 February 8d. - 2020 April 19d.

Legendary Glock pistol, pump action shotgun, semi-automatic M4 rifle, unbeatable MP5, smell of gunpowder in the air and professional guidance – everything what you need for an extreme day to remember! 🙂

Programs organised privately

Following footsteps of “Chernobyl”

2019 August 17d. - 2019 October 26d.

Follow the track of locations shooting world renown HBO miniseries “Chernobyl”, everything incorporated with insights from filming crew 😉

Day in Atomic Power Plant

2019 October 18d. - 2019 October 18d.

Atomic energy – the most dangerous energy source of the world. But where is danger, there are always interest to explore it….. Join today and visit Ignalina Atomic power plant, exploring RBMK type reactor!

Adventures in Latvia with 1Home

2018 May 25d. - 2018 May 26d.

Adventures are calling! And why not to experience them in Latvia at Sigulda, with with a leading student housing company in whole Baltics – 1Home and Youth Leisure Network!

Mysteries of Belarus

2018 October 5d. - 2018 November 17d.

Belarus, country located just south and biggest neighboring country of Lithuania, but shrouded in mystery…. But time came to uncover everything in a VISA-FREE way!!!

Tatars – protectors of Lithuania

2017 November 4d. - 2017 November 4d.

As time passed and Lithuania grew, so more and more dangers started to arise all around. Great dukes of Lithuania needed soldiers who could protect them and for this reason they welcomed Tatars to Lithuania! And now we invite to meet them!

What is Samogitia?

2017 November 25d. - 2017 November 25d.

Lithuania is a place that has a lot of surprises and one them may raise a question “What is Samogitia?” 🙂 If we looked in Wikipedia, we will find all the answers 🙂 But everything is just words… So for this reason we are inviting you to discover what is really hidden in Samogitia!

NATO Air Force police mission in Lithuania

2017 October 18d. - 2017 November 22d.

For more then 10 years Baltic countries are protected by specially created – NATO Air Force police mission. With huge pleasure we are inviting to join and discover NATO Aircrafts that are parked in Lithuanian Air Force base, near Šiauliai! 😉

Flight over Vilnius/Trakai

2016 September 17d. - 2016 September 17d.

Have you wondered what Trakai or beautiful Lithuanian nature looks from way up in the skies? Did you wanted to bring back memories of Lithuanian from completely different perspective? With huge excitement we want to say, that all the possibilities are now available!

Light it up! | Vilniaus Fejerija 2016

2016 September 24d. - 2016 September 24d.

Did you ever heard that in Lithuania we enjoy amazing firework shows not only in the New Years night, but even in beginning of Autumn? If not, join to find out the secrets of the most amazing light and fireworks festival in Baltic countries – “Vilniaus Fejerija”! 🙂

Catacombs of Vilnius

2016 October 22d. - 2016 October 22d.

Everyone knows that Paris has catacombs, but could you imagine that in the capital of Lithuania, we have underground secrets too, which are waiting to be discovered? If no, it’s to dicover them 😉

Nuclear Soviet secrets | Lithuania

2017 February 11d. - 2017 February 11d.

For a time Lithuania had dangerous secrets… But as Soviet union fell and everything was taken away, just buildings and infrastructure stayed. So now let’s discover all the abandon Nuclear sites, that 30 years ago were holding the most destructible weapons in the world!